History of the Fayetteville United Methodist Church

The earliest known date of the Methodist Church in Fayetteville is 1866.  The Methodist Episcopal Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church South had their early meetings in the old Presbyterian Church building.  The Methodist Episcopal Church South built their first building in 1898 and the Methodist Episcopal Church was built in 1906.  The present structure was built and dedicated in 1925.  In 1938 the two Churches united.

The first Fayetteville Methodist Church voted at a quarterly conference, November 1952 to build an educational annex, remodel the sanctuary, and redesign the church entry.  In five days (November 17 to  November 21, 1952), the amount of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) was pledged for a modern and adequate educational building along with a remodeled and beautified sanctuary at the Fayetteville Methodist Church.

Then in 1962 the front of the Church was remodeled.  This addition greatly enhanced the beauty of the church. The spire has become a symbol of faith characterizing the past, present and future.